Landing Page Experimentation


Maximize conversions
with Experimentation

Take full ownership of the post-click experience to optimize conversion rates through precise a/b testing, analytic insights, and personalization.


Test, learn, improve.

  • Test without compromise with server-side experimentation
  • Understand visitor behavior with heatmaps
  • Have the flexibility to run A/B or multivariate tests
  • Gain real-time insights with robust analytics dashboards
  • Easily send data to the rest of your marketing stack

Performance by experience

See in detail how each landing page, experience, and variation is performing. View visitors, conversions, conversion rate, cost-per-visitor, and cost-per-lead.



Use heatmaps to track mouse movement, clicks, and scroll depth to understand what’s working and what you should a/b test to improve page performance.


A/B variation testing

Create multiple variations of your post-click landing page to discover which layout, copy, and images work best for specific audiences.

Test & optimize to increase ROI

Understand visitor behavior

Understand visitor behavior

Acquire the ultra-specific insights you need to find which page elements to a/b test.

Speak to your audience

Speak to your audience

A/B test and optimize content to ensure you’re delivering the right message to the right audience.

Validate what works best

Validate what works best

Intelligently run fast, server-side A/B and multivariate tests to learn what works best.

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“I always struggled with making A/B tests easy, especially when it came to testing the layout. With previous A/B testing platforms, I had to move elements around via code. Instapage makes the A/B testing process so efficient. I’ve never done A/B testing so quickly without needing to involve multiple teams like Product.”

Stefano Rigoni

Digital Optimization Manager

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